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Riau Islands Governor Isdianto Says He Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Gubernur Kepri
Gubernur Kepri Isdianto. (Foto: Humas Pemprov Kepri)

BATAM (Barakata) – Riau Islands Governor Isdianto told reporters on Friday night in Batam that he has tested positive for coronavirus, a couple days after he sworn in as governor on Monday By President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace building in Jakarta.

Even as he announced his infection, the 59-year-old is showing no symptoms of coronavirus. “My condition, Alhamdulillah, is fine. Please does not need to worry. Government activities will run as normal,” he told the reporter Batamnews.co.id, Friday (31/7/2020).

Isdianto infected from his personal staff according to the contact tracing conducted by the Riau Islands Covid-19 Task Force.

Photos and a video released on Friday morning, showing him sitting at a desk in his home in Tanjungpinang and talking by video calling with his staff that also tested positive coronavirus earlier.

The Governor already self-isolate since Friday and tested on Thursday after his two close staffs circle tested for coronavirus, the government said in a statement on Thursday. Hundreds of officials in the Riau Islands Provincial Government also tested in two days.

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The test is the second time for Isdianto took in the past week. He had a swab test before his inauguration as the definitive governor by President Joko Widodo at Jakarta on Monday (7/27/20). The earlier test result and the swab are negative Covid-19.

“I was negative while at the Palace. But I will definitely say my current condition is okay. I also urge the Riau Islands people to continue to abide health protocols,” Isdianto added.

“I myself am still in doubt. But what is clear is that we must take the previous step asking everyone who took part in the governor’s activities some time ago to take a swab test,”

Riau Islands Province has recorded 481 coronavirus cases with 19 deaths. Batam Island, one of its administration, has recorded the highest number cases with 330 cases.

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